Demand Bridge Distributor

Training Videos and Documentation

Week 4 – EQ Link Only

Configuration for Online Orders within DBD

Initial Setup (Review but make no changes)

Shipping Defaults
Category Setup
Item Setup

Week 3

Accounting and CSR Videos

Purchase Order Receiving Sales Order with Special Shipping – Just Inventory

Receive Vendor Invoice for Sales Order and BAS Orders – Inventory previously Received

Inventory – Review Details –
Inventory – Make Adjustments –
Reporting (Orders, Inventory, Print Management

Week 3

EQ-Link – Parameters (Client, Location, Buyer, Warehouse, Item) –


Week 3

Accounting / General Ledger Videos

Transaction Report – Daily Processing –
Journal Entry –

Week 2

Order Processing – CSR / Sales Videos

Direct Shipping Sales Order –
Repeat Orders –
Direct Ship (2 Vendors) –
Open Orders Inquiry –
2-Vendor Custom Items + Charges –
Special Ship-To Warehouse (Review Custom Items) –
Ship To Customer and Warehouse –
Bill as Ship (BAS) Order
Sales Order with All Line Types –
Order Handoff to Second Vendor –
Requisition / Release from Warehouse –

Week 2

PO Receiving to A/P – CSR / Accounting – Videos

Receiving A/P and A/R (3-Step)
Receiving with Shipping to Warehouse
Receiving (2 Vendors) and Special Charges
Receiving Handoff (2 Vendors, Apparel) –
Receiving to Distributor Inventory –


Week 2

Miscellaneous Videos

Item Management Review – Zoom Recording
Freight Markups – Zoom Recording
Automatic Order & Requisition ChargesZoom Recording
Backorder Fill Processing – Zoom Recording
Summary Billing – Zoom Recording
Customer Statement Printing – Zoom Recording

Installation and Training Setup for Demand Bridge Distributor (Updated: October 07, 2023)


Description / Notes

Download to desktop. Schedule appointment with IT Support to install. Computers at branches will also need a VPN connection configured.