Laser Billing by Peregrine Services, Inc.

We print and mail your invoices, statements, and/or other documents to your customers so that you can concentrate on your customers rather than paper and envelopes!!

How Laser Billing Helps Your Business

  • Achieve maximum postal discounts through the use of Zip+4 codes, presorting, and PostNet barcodes. While our customers are averaging less than 40˘ per piece, the rate can be as low as 38.5˘.
  • Receipts are posted quicker and more accurately because payment is remitted in a "real" reply envelope along with a perfed remit stub.
  • The crisp and clean laser bill conveys more information than data-mailers or other bills, and the conventional outer envelope is easier to manage than messy carbon-through forms. Also, the remit stub is micro-perfed for clean and easy separation, and the conventional reply envelope requires no special instructions.
  • Because of the above, cash flow is enhanced. Some customers who previously used data-mailers have experienced up to 30% improvement!
  • As part of the basic package, we can also insert one additional piece for marketing or customer relations. Typically, one insert will not increment the weight of the mailed item enough to increase postage cost. The only cost is the production of the insert piece itself.

How We Do Laser Billing

  • Each customer transmits data to our processing center via a variety of means: FTP, BBS, E-mail attachment, direct modem transfer, and physical media (diskettes, Zip™ disks, tapes, CDs, DVDs).
  • We use a customized process to translate or parse your data (usually with no re-programming on the customer's system) into "standardized" records to facilitate further processing.
  • We ensure accuracy and quality control by comparing totals of the translated data to the customer-provided check values.
  • We encode delivery addresses using licensed CASS Certified* software and generate a USPS Form 3553 for the items to be mailed. This encoding process assures the accuracy of Zip Codes® and the resulting PostNet® barcodes, providing the fastest processing and delivery by the US Postal Service.
  • We generate a report (at no additional charge) of "non-matched" addresses that fail to match to the national database of Zip+4 codes for the customer to review.
  • We presort the delivery addresses for maximum postal discounts using PAVE Certified** professional software. We guarantee that each mailing list will receive the greatest discount for which the list and individual pieces can qualify.

The Typical Laser Billing Package

  • Customized laser-printed bill on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (2-color face/1-color back)
  • Outgoing #10 Window Envelope (2 colors)
  • Courtesy Reply #9 Regular Envelope
  • Optional Insert

Extra Features and Service Available

  • Grouping of bills by end-customer number, etc. to (a) reduce the number of envelopes being mailed or (b) better service larger corporate end-customers
  • Printing an extra copy in-office review
  • 2-Up card stock printing for utility customers

* Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS). CASS Certification is now required to mail at USPS automation discount rates.

** Presort Accuracy Validation and Evaluation. PAVE Certified software is require for maximum postal discounts.