Our Mission

"Quality products and services provided by the business professional that knows your company needs" is the phrase that correctly summarizes our mission. Simple, yet true. By knowing our customers, we are prepared to assist them in developing products and applications that will make their information flow efficiently to their customers and within their own companies. By so doing, customer profits are increased and the success and growth of both our companies is assured.

Origin of our Name

Our sales representatives differ from any others you will find in the business forms industry. They operate in their own individual communities and have sole decision making authority regarding how to run their business to best accommodate the needs of their local customers. With corporate mergers and acquisitions being commonplace in today’s environment, this type autonomy has become almost extinct in American business.

When our company was founded in February 1999, we selected a name that would help to identify that uniqueness. The Peregrine Falcon was almost driven to extinction by human encroachment into their habitats and chemical pollution associated with insect poisoning. This noble bird has enjoyed a tremendous resurgence to the point that it was removed from the Endangered Species List in August 1999.

Much like the Peregrine Falcon, our company’s policy of placing control of the daily business in the hands of your local representative is the first step in resurrecting this business philosophy that made our country great.

We invite you to come soar with us as we reestablish the locally managed business concept throughout our great land.